Event Website Project


events website

An example of a landing page for a conference organized by NordicSoft for our employees. It contains a short event summary, registration form, discussion schedule, countdown timer, accommodation details, map, and contact information.

The represented event website is simple, fast, and optimized to show up as an event in search engines. For this purpose, we used Structured data in the form of JSON-LD. The site is adaptive, so conference participants could check news and register directly via their mobile devices.

Progressive Web Application (PWA) allows you to add the site to a phone`s home screen and access it even when you are in the offline mode.

It gains the highest scores in Google PageSpeed Insights and Google Lighthouse (Performance, PWA, best practices, accessibility, SEO).

The server part is lightweight and suitable for hosts with a minimum number of resources. This page was developed on the .NET Core platform, that makes it flexible in terms of hosting platform - Windows, Linux or MacOS. Frontend can be assembled into optimized minified web bundles. Visual effects are implemented with the help of the lightweight jQuery library.

The website also supports Facebook Open Graph Tags for the user-friendly sharing of posts via social networks.


  • .NET Core platform
  • Custom content
  • Responsive design
  • Cross-platform hosting
  • SEO-promotion
  • Progressive Web Application
  • SSL certificate
  • Registration form
  • High score audit pass
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