Photo studio website

photo studio website is a multi-page website for a photo studio. Home page represents one of the photographer's works in full screen and studio's name followed by a collage of photos sorted by category. Below are a feedback form and some info about the studio's owner. Services offered by the studio are described on separate pages. The site also contains photographer's skills with a visualized counter of works, photos, and clients, contact information and a feedback form.

The main idea of this website is to show the photographer's portfolio. Therefore, we created a menu item with a drop-down list, where each item leads to a separate page dedicated to a particular photo session category.

Each page is stylized in its own theme and contains examples of works from a photo shoot and a short story from the photographer's perspective.

The server part of the site is written on the ASP.NET Core MVC cross-platform framework since it both improve performance compared to the .NET Framework and open up new opportunities for project hosting - use any operating system as a host a server (Windows, Linux, MacOS).

The markup of the site is fully consistent with all SEO recommendations from Google. Facebook Open Graph Tags support allows users to display a preview of the site when shared in social media. All visual effects are implemented using jQuery and its libraries assembled into minified bundles using Webpack 4.

We strive to maintain the availability of our sites, so we use Web Accessibility best practices for pages layout. Due to all the above aspects, this project has a high score in performance, accessibility and SEO audits.


  • Multipage website
  • Contact page
  • Pictures and galleries
  • .NET Core platform
  • SEO-promotion
  • Cross-platform hosting
  • Responsive design
  • SSL certificate
  • High score audit pass