Freelance Platform

It is a freelance content writing platform, that hosts writers who can accommodate just about any project or budget. There is a registration option for both, customers and writers.

When ordering a service, the customer should:

- Choose one of the three services available: Writing, Proofreading, Rewriting;

- Select the required number of words/pages;

- Write keywords and how many times those words should repeat in the text;

- Select the required subject (history, art, technology, etc.). The writer will be selected according to the subject specified;

- Write any comments and/or additional requirements;

- Choose the writer category (Best available, Advanced, Professional or Preferred). When choosing the last category, customers have an opportunity to choose a specific writer with whom he has successfully worked before.

- Set the price at their discretion.

The system also includes an option for customers to post their orders later (make drafts).

The users can access the full information about the status of their orders (writer, time left before the deadline, etc.). Also, customers can conduct a chat related to the specific order, thereby communicating directly with the writer and providing more detailed instructions or requirements. As soon as the article is finished, the customer checks it and, depending on satisfaction, can accept, reject, or send it for a revision.

Accepted orders can be viewed online or downloaded to customers’ devices. Customers can create selected groups of writers whose works they liked, and choose preferred writers for the next orders accordingly.

Order payments are done through PayPal.

Users registered as writers can access the tab where all current orders are displayed. On top of the list, there are orders where the given writer is selected as the desired performer. Then come orders in which the subject coincides with the writer’s subject. Below are all the rest available orders.

Like customers, writers can also see all the details of the order they are working on. Before sending the completed work to a customer for a review, the text is checked for plagiarism using the Copyscape service (

Writers may receive their works for revisions if a customer has any notices on the quality of the completed work.

Writers get payments to their PayPal accounts on behalf of the freelance platform.

If there are any keywords specified by the customer, they will be highlighted in the text so the customer could check the consistency of the number of those words with the requirements in the order.

The site contains a real-time alert system and the online chat between users.

On the profile page, users registered as writers can specify their personal and education information, up to 5 topics which they are specialized in, and add a photo. Also, there is a Balance section on the profile page where writers can replenish their accounts or request withdrawals.

There is a rating system for all registered users. Customer can leave reviews for the completed orders.

The website is administered using the according application, where the following actions can be performed:

- User accounts moderation (Ban, Suspend, Unban, Unsuspend, etc.);

- Access information about all the payments and orders.

- Logging of all user and administrator actions and actions over orders (transition between statuses).

Administrators receive real-time alerts about incoming requests from writers for money withdrawals.

The platform is developed on the ASP.NET MVC 5 framework using Backbone.js for the SPA implementing in separate parts of the application. A direct channel of communication with users is provided via WebSocket SignalR.

For the purpose of automatic regulation of deadlines, automatic acceptance of articles, and sending emails to users (when customers do not confirm orders within the certain deadline) we used Node.js service.

The platform is designed according to the Google recommendations for SEO improvement. Namely, all the necessary metatags, structured data, breadcrumbs, canonical, sitemap.xml, and robots.txt are included.


  • Full-feature freelance platform
  • Ranking performers by specializations
  • Online chat
  • Drafting selected performers
  • Flexible order form
  • Payment System Support
  • User accounts
  • Adaptive design
  • Admin application
  • SEO services
  • SSL certificate